Armenian parliamentarians to discuss the amendments, which are planned to make to the draft law “On Advertising”. They are aimed at tightening control measures advertising as online and land-based casinos as well as the introduction of new restrictions.

 Thus, according to the updated document will be changed not only the time and place advertising relating to gambling, but also its content. In particular, the rollers do not have to demonstrate the fact that gambling can provide a carefree life and guaranteed a steady income.

 In addition, the ad content should not contain a call to self-affirmation and improvement of personal and professional skills through the game in the casino.

 As for the time of advertising, according to the amendments to the bill, this kind of content can be broadcast on television between 22:00 and 07:00. The duration of one roller should not exceed three minutes.

 Regarding online advertising, too, will be limitations. So, for example, if the banner is published on the site, its size must not exceed 20% of the size of the web page on which it is placed. In addition, such advertising can not be published on the resources of medical, educational content as well as on the online pages aimed at children.

 The following rule, which will affect advertising – before the start of each video will demonstrate the necessary warning that gambling is fraught with risk material.

 If the employer is in breach of any of the above rules, he faces a fine of one million drams.

 Earlier, Deputy Minister of Finance Arman Poghosyan expressed the opinion that the gambling tax system needs to be changed in the country.

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